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Outsmart the Thief

‘Titanium’ Motorhome security system: Outsmart the Thief specialise in bespoke security products designed for the motor-caravan industry, the Motorhome Defender™ system was at the forefront of technology for leisure vehicles for over ten years and has a 100% stop rate. Your motorhome represents a major commitment in monetary terms; possibly only second to your home so surely it follows that one should both care and protect that valuable investment. Developed over a century ago the audible alarm grew in popularity with motor vehicle mass production, yet it still does not stop them being stolen. Today, there is a plethora of motorhome security devices available in the marketplace – but one size most certainly does not suit all. As motor-caravan technology advances, especially electronics so has the dedicated thief in their approach to target and steal your valuable motorhome. Cloning, jamming even grabbers of key code

devices are now cheaply and widely available. Joy riders on a wet, late night walk home may be foiled and walk on, but not members of a professional gang stealing to order! These are organised and dedicated thieves, good at their chosen line of employment and well aware of alarm units – pin-pointing each fitting’s weak points and positions including trackers, and can disarm or override within seconds. These are the same Thatcham approved motorhome alarms and trackers you rely on; being activated by the vehicle key or by the ignition switch, as are manufacturer’s passive immobilisers. With cuts to police forces there has already been numerous instances where the police were forced to prioritise, failing to recover a stolen vehicle even when they had the last known location via a tracker, this is only going to get worse.

Thieves don’t need the key: Insurance companies may offer small premium discounts, or dependant on retail price of motorhome demand sophisticated security devices, such as Cat 1 motorhome alarms and/or tracking devices to be fitted. But they too, now face unprecedented claims for ‘stolen by unknown means’ or in other words electronic theft. It wasn’t long ago when thieves had to break into owners’ homes to steal the all-important vehicle keys to circumnavigate the vehicles immobiliser security – this is no longer the case. Over 95% of vehicles are now stolen using the key or electronically, this means if your immobiliser, alarm or motorhome tracker is armed and disarmed using the vehicle key or ignition, then you have less than a 5% chance of your alarm activating or giving a theft alert. Therefore, today a totally new approach is required!

Protecting your 21st century motorhome requires a 21st century solution! ‘ TITANIUM’ is a new generation of motorhome security system that is fully TUV accredited. It’s an integrated three in one system – engine immobiliser, motorhome alarm and tracking system, coming as standard with our trademark features ‘LockDown®’ and ‘SafeStop™’. Again an exclusive bespoke motorhome security system, manufactured for Outsmart the Thief Ltd by world-renowned Italian specialist company Gemini Technologies. Still comprising a small single unit, modest wiring loom combined with siren and PIR movement detector, two remote activation fobs and dash mounted dongle-park. LockDown® can be fitted to all makes of motorhome or campervan; it can operate on a multiplex of vehicle platforms using analogue

and digital signals. It even monitors the engine battery and alerts when tampered with, and has its own back-up battery built-in. LockDown® also allows numerous unique options/additions to be made to personalise your unit to your own needs – be it wireless multiple locker and windows contacts, panic button, wireless movement detectors, 24-hour bike loop, even a fire detector is also available.

Tracking systems: Tracking systems were only successful in the past because the thief didn’t expect one to be fitted. Now he does and if found and ripped out, then the motorhome could be long gone – not so with LockDown®. If found and wiring cut or even tampered with, say via the OBD port (vehicle on-board diagnostics) the unit recognises that it’s being targeted and attacked. The control centre is alerted, but its fail safe mode within the software means the vehicles engine cannot be started. The targeted motorhome maybe damaged or wounded – but NOT stolen! Further features allow the unit to be activated while the owners or pets are inside without falsely triggering the alarm. If for any reason the alarm is sounded – say you forgot to disarm before unlocking, then as for any alert the control centre will telephone a stored mobile or home telephone number to advise you of the alert. Motorhomes demand devices with low power consumption, something most other security systems cannot offer! Our product has an ultra-low battery drain of less that 4ma, considerably less than all its competitors, in fact with several individual ‘off the shelf’ devices fitted, battery drain can be worryingly high. Hence some systems sleep, making them an easier target to professionals, LockDown® never goes to sleep. Tracking is available 24/7 across Europe and beyond, the unit reporting and storing its last location when parked, or reporting every four seconds whilst on the move. Unauthorised entry, of course triggers the alarm along with the monitoring centre, who even know the point of attack. There are also two ‘intelligent’ self-levelling tilt sensors protecting the motorhome, which will detect any movement along or across the vehicle. This will send an alert if the motorhome is tilted for any reason. Our attention to detail is revealed when arming the system – using either of the two supplied rolling-coded key fobs, the lights flash twice for ON and three times for OFF – with no audible sound. Should the thief ever manage to steal your motorhome, say with the system turned off or under duress then the SafeStop™ command can be sent to render the engine ‘dead’ upon noting zero speed. This also will set off the alarm siren and flash the hazard lights. Outsmart the Thief Ltd have a dedicated nationwide fitting team, who can arrange an appointment at your home address or a growing network of select dealerships can now fit LockDown® to your new motorhome before delivery, giving you peace of mind in this new wave of security. The whole system is also transferable from customer to new owner or from one vehicle to another.

Phantom Alarms

Phantom has designed and specialised tracking systems to provide the highest level in caravan security. Here at Automech we can install these systems into your  caravan/motorhome. Check their website to learn more.

Phantom Tracking

With several alarms to choose from, Phantom offer a range of high quality systems that provide you with peace of mind. Whether for your caravan, or motorhome, it is important to make sure it is safe and secure.

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